China: Apple terminates anti-firewall app

China: Apple terminates anti-firewall app

OpenDoor, an application that passes through firewalls and enables users to unblock restricted sites, was removed on July 17. This news was picked up by Radio Netherlands Worldwide and is now being spread globally.

  1. BBC’s Article here: (Link here)

    Radio Netherlands Worldwide’s Article here: (Link Here)
  2. #Apple criticised for removing #iPhone app which bypassed China’s internet firewall
  3. OpenDoor可以用其他区的帐号下载嘛…
  4. Zhou Shuguang, a Chinese blogger and Citizen journalist adds more information for the BBC’s article
  5. Web users in #China livid with @Apple for pulling OpenDoor, an iPhone app for firewall circumvention…
  6. Apple 0 China 1Referee & Linesmen: Communist Chinese

    #OpenDoor #firewall #censorship #Apple #fear #fb…

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