Detectives and Mathematicians unite! Tonight’s episode of ‘Elementary’ is Murder Over Math

Detectives and Mathematicians unite! Tonight’s episode of ‘Elementary’ is Murder Over Math

October 3, 2013: CBS’s ‘Elementary’ this week features a mathematician as a murder victim; but is he killed because of math? Is it something else entirely? ALSO, a part of Joan Watson’s past comes back; will she be able to confront it and move on, or not at all?

  1. The trailer for this week’s episode; also for reference (to look at when the math equations are mentioned)
  2. Elementary 2×02 Promo “Solve For X” (HD) Season 2 Episode 2
  3. These are some of the live tweets (during the episode) from the Writers’ feed:
  4. Ever wondered about why Joan left medicine? All will be revealed in 90 minutes…
  5. We hired a consultant to help us make sure all the crazy math on the walls was accurate and realistic. So study away – it’s all legit.
  6. Regarding the crazy math equations on the UV-lit walls seen earlier in the episode. Detailed work is always appreciated.
  7. All the math in this episode is totally accurate. P vs NP is a real math conundrum. Chew on THAT, haters.
  8. A behind-the-scenes photo shows Joan (Lucy Liu, left) and Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller, Right) discussing more case details
  9. You want a THIRD behind-the-scenes photo? Are you kidding me? Man, you guys are demanding! You’re lucky I’m so sweet.…
  10. Here are some of viewers’ opinions…
  11. @Elementary_CBS Who knew the study of mathematics could be so life-threatening? #WatchingElementary
  12. @StickyCrafter @Elementary_CBS #elementary is the lone standout in promising television this season. everyone else has been disappointing.
  13. While some were quite excited by the episode, others were not so thrilled; especially with its timeslot….
  14. @Elementary_CBS @CBS oh my god scandal has stolen your spotlight…time to pick another night bbs
  15. I fear Scandal will hurt @Elementary_CBS‘s ratings. But I’ll remain loyal to the special chemistry of Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.
  16. It has been a remarkable episode for some, with the ending scenes leaving a lasting impression.
  17. @Elementary_CBS Fantastic scene between Watson and Sherlock regarding accidents and mistakes. #WatchingElementary
  18. For more news about this series, tune in to (Elementary’s official site)

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