Sherlock Holmes goes to Russia; With Love!

The Russian adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous work, Sherlock Holmes,  follows a 27-year old Holmes, played by Igor Petrenko, and a 42-year old Watson , played by Andrey Panin (who died before he could finish dubbing for the production).

The series will follow five original stories, and not purely borrowing from Doyle’s original material. However, the adventure begins the way it traditionally has; in the cobblestone roads of Victorian London, Dr. John Watson, having been invalidated from the war in Afghanistan, searches for a flat (apartment) to live in. Through that search, he meets Sherlock Holmes, and together they find a flat owned by a Ms. Hudson. Dr. Watson soon discovers that his new flatmate is a consulting detective and he is soon roped into the mysterious, underground, and dangerous side of London. 

The new series will premiere tomorrow, November 18,  at 9:00 P.M. , on Russia1.

Watch the trailer here: X


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