BBC’s Life-Ruining Weekend is Back! (Part 1/2: NEW MATERIAL FROM “Sherlock”)


This weekend, two ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos from BBC’S Sherlock has been released. The first of the two photos feature Benedict Cumberbatch back in his Sherlock Holmes getup, even including what seems to be ‘the purple shirt of sex’, as the fandom’s dubbed it (not entirely sure ,but the color seems to be it).

The second photo is Martin Freeman back as John Watson, and it can be clearly seen that there are two cuts on John; one on his temple, and one just above his cheek. It seems like John’s been in a scuffle and it only serves to deepen the mystery behind the series’ third season!

NOT ONLY THAT, but the official blog of John Watson has been updated (AND MIGHT NOT BE SPOILER-FREE), and the blog’s comments section feature a new character, who can only be deduced as John’s girlfriend, Mary (Mary Morstan is John Watson’s canonical wife). If Sherlock’s deductions about placing “x”s after messages are right, then Mary’s comments might prove that she’s with John at this point. But I digress, and say that of course, I’m only theorizing. The blog’s content WILL cause floods of emotions in the fandom, no less, especially for the ones who are both in the Sherlock and Doctor Who fandoms.


See the next post for more!


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