BBC’s Life-Ruining Weekend is Back! (Part 2/2: “Doctor Who’s” 50th Anniversary is today!

The day Whovians have long-awaited for is here; November 23, the series’ 50th anniversary! I’ve addressed this in a previous post, but the anniversary has taken on a whole new scale!

Google’s famous doodles now feature a Whovian theme, with all 11 of the Doctor’s regenerations lined up. The doodle is also a mini-game, where the Doctor has to collect all the letters that spell “Google” while trying not to get terminated by his greatest enemies (Daleks, Cybermen…just to name a few) (doodle link here).

NOT only that, but Yahoo joins in the celebration with the TARDIS flying across the site’s logo


There HAS been a dispute between the One Direction bandom (fandom of bands, and in this case, the most popular boyband in the world right now) and the Doctor Who  fandom, as 1D releases their new album today, and the celebration is dubbed “1D Day.” The issue was the day itself, of course, what with some of the Directioners (1D fans) and some of the Whovians telling each other off and for one of their icons to move over because it’s their icon’s day.

BUT as I said, it’s just some of the members of the fandom and the dispute is done and done with. In this announcement, it says that One Direction will even join in with the show’s 50th anniversary stream. Some fans even liked the news, and are excited about it, so no need to sigh in frustrations at fandoms having drama and hissy fits.

Tune in to your local stations for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor, tonight!


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