I apologize for being a bit unprofessional in this article, my emotions have just been compromised by The Empty Hearse.

The episode aired today, and it was just a whirlwind of emotions, fanfiction/fandom space references, tears, and laughter all the way through. It’s definitely bolder and different from the previous Sherlock series. Many loose ends were tied up (although the biggest mystery of Sherlock’s “death” still isn’t), and a new villain arises.

I am not going to to a review of the show at this point, sadly, but I will leave with the trailer for the next episode, The Sign of the Three


8 thoughts on “THE EMPTY HEARSE: ONE DOWN, TWO TO GO (spoilers ahead)

  1. Oh, and BTW, I’ve got a question. Sherlock told Anderson how he faked his death. Was that really what happened or was Sherlock playing Anderson again? I mean, judging by what Anderson said when Sherlock left, it can’t be what really happened, can it?

    Just wondering 😛

    • Personally, I did like the theory Sherlock presented for Anderson. It was so SHERLOCK, hiding the obvious in plain sight. However, I can’t really confirm nor deny that this theory is real or not. It’s probably the closest, if we are ever presented with one canon theory on how Sherlock survived. I think the writers left the theories’ validity vague because it’s almost impossible to present fans with a canon theory that would actually fit everyone’s expectations, although it’s great they’ve presented us with three out of thirteen possible scenarios. Sorry for the vague answer, but that is the best one I can give you, with the material we’re given so far. There are many opinions and more theories about it on tumblr, if you’re willing to check them out. One blog I highly recommend is:

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