From Creators of ‘Oklahomo’, Sherlock Parody to Return This Year

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Vidar Magnussen, one of the actors responsible for last year’s Sherlock parody, Oklahomo, posted a tweet today about a new Sherlock parody in the works.

For those who need a refresher, Magnussen is a Norwegian actor from the comedy television show Underholdningsavdelingen. He and fellow actor Bjarte Tjostheim played Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from the BBC series in the much talked and laughed about parody Oklahomo. The idea for the parody came about when Magnussen noted Tjostheim looked exactly like John Watson, according to an article about the parody.

The response was overwhelming, and it even got the attention of one of Sherlock’s stars, Amanda Abbington (the actress behind Mary Morstan, John Watson’s wife). The pair released a sequel to the parody the same…

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A Study in Blogging

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! I’m thethreepatchproblem and I will be a fandom correspondent/blogger here on WordPress! The main fandoms I blog for are: Sherlock Holmes (BBC, CBS’ “Elementary”), Doctor Who (New Who; with 9, 10, 11, and soon 12), Supernatural, and The Hobbit movies (for now)

What is a fandom, you ask?

Basically, a fandom is what you call a collective of fans that share the same interest (e.g.: TV shows, Music, Art, etc.). What makes fandom different is that the people involved in fandoms are very active in contributing material for the fandom (e.g.: fan art, essays, etc.), and they’re very invested in their interests.

So now that you know what a fandom is, it would soon be time to learn about each of the fandoms I’ve mentioned above. I’ll be spending some time introducing each one in a separate post, and I might do that at least once every two weeks (once a week, at most, since I also have coursework to take care of).

I hope you find this blog enjoyable, and if there are more fandoms that will join the list, I’ll be sure to update it.

Happy Blogging!