Well, Doctor Who fans, that is all there is to the new Doctor’s outfit. Does it mean no neons or quirkiness? Does it mean a slick, new look? There’s no official photo just yet, but I do hope it would be here soon!

Also, today marks the first day of shooting for Capaldi’s Doctor, and that could mean new set photos and sightings as well!


HAPPY NEW YEAR (not so for the Sherlock fandom) (spoilers here)

Today, BBCOne released their 2014 programme trailers, and new clips from Sherlock are added in.

Watch the trailer HERE (link is from a tumblr blog)

The trailer seems to contain the start of Sherlock’s best man speech, among new and interesting clips.

I’ve got nothing more to say, except that there’s only 19 hours left until The Empty Hearse airs and goodluck to all of us in the fandom waiting.

Pay Your r3spects…



SHERLOCK3 (from Mark Gatiss’ official Twitter account)

With this tweet, fans are up in speculation on what could be the content of this special vehicle; most have guessed that it could be the series’ air date.

As to what this certain vehicle could be, some have speculated that a hearse will be driving down the streets, based on the title of the season’s first episode, “The Empty Hearse.” It does make sense, if a hearse indeed drives down the streets tomorrow.

Nonetheless, Sherlock is STILL intent on the whole social media aspect, as the VERY specific  hashtag #r3spects is used for this announcement by the fansite, Sherlockology.

More on this story tomorrow, as the vehicle roams around the said areas…


The Fandoms Rise Again! Part 3

November 23 is fast approaching, like The Oncoming Storm that is the Doctor Who fandom.

The long-lived British sci-fi series is going to have its 50th anniversary on November 23; the same day the show first aired on 1963 (fun fact: the same calendars from 1963 can be used this year–COINCIDENCE?).

The 50th anniversary special is called The Day of the Doctor and it will feature a tremendous cast, including previous Doctors and Companions (biggest cast reunion, everyone?). Some of the cast include: Matt Smith (the most recent incarnation of the Doctor (11th)), Jenna Louise Coleman (most recent companion), John Hurt (who seems to be an incarnation of the Doctor), David Tennant (10th Doctor), and Billie Piper (one of the 10th Doctor’s companions, and perhaps the most missed by fans).

The fandom scrambles to get tickets to cinema screenings of the episode worldwide, and show their enthusiasm through social media. The hashtag “#Savetheday” is widely used on Twitter to tag discussions and post fanworks for the series and the hype is collected on this site (link here). The more discussions and posts there are, the more the Doctor’s time-travelling box, the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension/s In Space), is constructed.

Not only that, but sneak peeks, “easter eggs,” and trailers are being leaked and released all over the interwebs; here are some of them:

Easter egg 

First Trailer

Extended Trailer

There are more materials released, like videos and specials. One special  is The Science of Doctor Who, hosted by Professor Brian Cox, in which   the Doctor Who universe and its parallels with modern science are investigated Another special is the Doctors Revisited series, which takes a look at the previous Doctors’ histories, personalities, actor  interpretations, and so much more (this week’s Doctor is Matt Smith; see trailer here)

With the hype for the anniversary increasing, expect fans to put their best effort into the work they do for the series. Many already produced amazing fanart and fanvids (can be seen on the Twitter hashtag), and gifsets of the trailers came right after they were released.

The 50th special will air on November 23 (a simultaneous broadcast will happen), and some theaters are also playing the special ( on different days; but there are bonus content included exclusively for the theater release).

For more information (especially on ticket sales), visit the Doctor Who Tumblr, and share in the excitement leading up to the 50th anniversary.

A Study in Blogging

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! I’m thethreepatchproblem and I will be a fandom correspondent/blogger here on WordPress! The main fandoms I blog for are: Sherlock Holmes (BBC, CBS’ “Elementary”), Doctor Who (New Who; with 9, 10, 11, and soon 12), Supernatural, and The Hobbit movies (for now)

What is a fandom, you ask?

Basically, a fandom is what you call a collective of fans that share the same interest (e.g.: TV shows, Music, Art, etc.). What makes fandom different is that the people involved in fandoms are very active in contributing material for the fandom (e.g.: fan art, essays, etc.), and they’re very invested in their interests.

So now that you know what a fandom is, it would soon be time to learn about each of the fandoms I’ve mentioned above. I’ll be spending some time introducing each one in a separate post, and I might do that at least once every two weeks (once a week, at most, since I also have coursework to take care of).

I hope you find this blog enjoyable, and if there are more fandoms that will join the list, I’ll be sure to update it.

Happy Blogging!