I apologize for being a bit unprofessional in this article, my emotions have just been compromised by The Empty Hearse.

The episode aired today, and it was just a whirlwind of emotions, fanfiction/fandom space references, tears, and laughter all the way through. It’s definitely bolder and different from the previous Sherlock series. Many loose ends were tied up (although the biggest mystery of Sherlock’s “death” still isn’t), and a new villain arises.

I am not going to to a review of the show at this point, sadly, but I will leave with the trailer for the next episode, The Sign of the Three


The Hearse is Empty No More


Today marks the return of BBC’s Sherlock, after a two-year hiatus. The series will pick up after the dramatic (and traumatic) events of The Reichenbach Fall, the last episode of the second series. The first episode of this series, The Empty Hearse (written by Mark Gatiss), will be based on the canon story (the Conan Doyle Novels), The Adventure of the Empty House; this adventure will mark Sherlock’s return to London, and most importantly, John Watson’s life.

MONTHS of speculation from fans will be cleared out today as this promising episode could finally reveal how Sherlock survived the fall and if John, as most of the fans have said in their headcanons, will punch Sherlock instead of just fainting like he did in the novels.

The BBC is adamant in their promotions and very purposeful in their choice of material. This time, they’ve put a crime-scene-esque ouline of Sherlock’s body outside St. Bart’s hospital (where he jumped off of the roof)

Hit right in the feels

So, tune in to BBC one at 9PM today for The Empty Hearse, and stock up on shock blankets. Will probably need those.

For those who aren’t living in the UK and don’t have BBC One, you can check out THIS website to convert what time the series will air in your region.

Also, I’ll include a bonus: for those who can’t watch the series in the UK, a stream is available here