I apologize for being a bit unprofessional in this article, my emotions have just been compromised by The Empty Hearse.

The episode aired today, and it was just a whirlwind of emotions, fanfiction/fandom space references, tears, and laughter all the way through. It’s definitely bolder and different from the previous Sherlock series. Many loose ends were tied up (although the biggest mystery of Sherlock’s “death” still isn’t), and a new villain arises.

I am not going to to a review of the show at this point, sadly, but I will leave with the trailer for the next episode, The Sign of the Three


The Hearse is Empty No More


Today marks the return of BBC’s Sherlock, after a two-year hiatus. The series will pick up after the dramatic (and traumatic) events of The Reichenbach Fall, the last episode of the second series. The first episode of this series, The Empty Hearse (written by Mark Gatiss), will be based on the canon story (the Conan Doyle Novels), The Adventure of the Empty House; this adventure will mark Sherlock’s return to London, and most importantly, John Watson’s life.

MONTHS of speculation from fans will be cleared out today as this promising episode could finally reveal how Sherlock survived the fall and if John, as most of the fans have said in their headcanons, will punch Sherlock instead of just fainting like he did in the novels.

The BBC is adamant in their promotions and very purposeful in their choice of material. This time, they’ve put a crime-scene-esque ouline of Sherlock’s body outside St. Bart’s hospital (where he jumped off of the roof)

Hit right in the feels

So, tune in to BBC one at 9PM today for The Empty Hearse, and stock up on shock blankets. Will probably need those.

For those who aren’t living in the UK and don’t have BBC One, you can check out THIS website to convert what time the series will air in your region.

Also, I’ll include a bonus: for those who can’t watch the series in the UK, a stream is available here





It looks like after two years’ worth of silence, BBC’s Sherlock is coming back with a BANG.

With extravagant social media promotions (see literal empty hearse promotions around London and the #SherlockLives tag on Twitter), interactive trailers, and new photos coming out almost week-after-week, Sherlock’s return looks to be a busy and promising one.

What does worry me is it’s the BBC. They’re giving fans waaaay too much stuff, so as a fan I do begin to wonder if something VERY painful is up ahead.


Many Happy Returns…Yeah Right

I am late to the party, yes, but today, the minisode of BBC’s Sherlock, aptly named Many Happy Returns, was released (through the BBC’s ‘red button’ first, then online on YouTube). It’s a prequel to the first episode of series 3, The Empty Hearse.

It’s 7 minutes long, and has a corresponding blog post from John Watson’s official blog, which can be found here.

It doesn’t feature big spoilers from the series, apart from confirming the fact that Sherlock IS indeed alive. I’m pretty sure there would be gifs of this minisode everywhere now, especially on tumblr (they work fast. Faster thank you think.). I just need a gif of Lestrade doing a headdesk. Don’t know what I’m talking about?

Watch it here:

BBC’s Life-Ruining Weekend is Back! (Part 1/2: NEW MATERIAL FROM “Sherlock”)


This weekend, two ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos from BBC’S Sherlock has been released. The first of the two photos feature Benedict Cumberbatch back in his Sherlock Holmes getup, even including what seems to be ‘the purple shirt of sex’, as the fandom’s dubbed it (not entirely sure ,but the color seems to be it).

The second photo is Martin Freeman back as John Watson, and it can be clearly seen that there are two cuts on John; one on his temple, and one just above his cheek. It seems like John’s been in a scuffle and it only serves to deepen the mystery behind the series’ third season!

NOT ONLY THAT, but the official blog of John Watson has been updated (AND MIGHT NOT BE SPOILER-FREE), and the blog’s comments section feature a new character, who can only be deduced as John’s girlfriend, Mary (Mary Morstan is John Watson’s canonical wife). If Sherlock’s deductions about placing “x”s after messages are right, then Mary’s comments might prove that she’s with John at this point. But I digress, and say that of course, I’m only theorizing. The blog’s content WILL cause floods of emotions in the fandom, no less, especially for the ones who are both in the Sherlock and Doctor Who fandoms.


See the next post for more!

Sherlock Holmes goes to Russia; With Love!

The Russian adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous work, Sherlock Holmes,  follows a 27-year old Holmes, played by Igor Petrenko, and a 42-year old Watson , played by Andrey Panin (who died before he could finish dubbing for the production).

The series will follow five original stories, and not purely borrowing from Doyle’s original material. However, the adventure begins the way it traditionally has; in the cobblestone roads of Victorian London, Dr. John Watson, having been invalidated from the war in Afghanistan, searches for a flat (apartment) to live in. Through that search, he meets Sherlock Holmes, and together they find a flat owned by a Ms. Hudson. Dr. Watson soon discovers that his new flatmate is a consulting detective and he is soon roped into the mysterious, underground, and dangerous side of London. 

The new series will premiere tomorrow, November 18,  at 9:00 P.M. , on Russia1.

Watch the trailer here: X